Grandma's Pantry


Specialty Foods, Jellies & Goodies

24175 Front Street

Downtown Grand Rapids, Ohio


P. (419)832-0835



MONDAY       10-5

TUESDAY       10-7

WEDNESDAY       10-5

THURSDAY          10-7

FRIDAY       10-5

SATURDAY       10-5

SUNDAY       10-5 

GRANDMA'S PANTRY is a shop within a shop, located inside The Village Orchard. You'll easily find your mouth watering and your sweet-tooth calling out with our wide variety of specialty foods, salsas, jams, jellies and other goodies!


We carry a variety of fruit butters, including, of course APPLEBUTTER! An extensive line of specialty salsa and organic tortilla chips or canned and pickled vegetables make for an interesting dinner.


You'll also enjoy teas and coffees, dips, whips and classic candies.


Stop into Grandma's Pantry in Downtown Grand Rapids for a sample!